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[ WARRIORS - IMAGINE DRAGONS plays aggressively in the background ]


[ WARRIORS - IMAGINE DRAGONS plays aggressively in the background ]


favourite band of brothers characters

"[Renee] cheerfully accepted the Herculean task and worked without adequate rest or food […] changed dressings, fed patients unable to feed themselves, gave out medications, bathed and made the patients more comfortable […] her very presence among those wounded men seem to be an inspiration to those whose morale had declined from prolonged suffering.”

How did I go to Youtube to watch people play video games, and end up watching a lady with a live spider in her mouth, an exploding dead hippo, and then X Factor auditions? I just…


No Voters surrounding young girl and stealing her saltire

Pro-Unionists rioting in Glasgow (warning for footage of people being outright attacked)

Reports of flare guns fired at Yes peaceful protest from Unionists and make Nazi salutes

Yes campaigners dwindling, Unionists growing, riots continuing, arrests made

Oh yes. Just what I was hoping to hear today.

Seriously you are one of the most visually appealing human beings I've ever met that has a heart to match. Why are you the most perfect person that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting!

Oh, jeez! I feel so bad for not seeing this until now, and it’s such a nice compliment too, wow!

I wish I knew who this was so I could return the sentiment. But, seriously, thank you so much. Knowing that I’m admired or appreciated gives me a warm fuzzy feeling where guts should be *:・゚✧╰(◡‿◡✿╰) 

glasses for seeing or glasses for fashion? either way, super cute.

Glasses for seeing, with the added bonus of looking rad while I successfully decipher objects that are 5+ feet away :)

Thanks, Nonny <3

I was lookin’ pretty darn fresh today, even though my hat was just a devilish ploy to hide the fact that I need a haircut.