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Do we leave Middle-Earth to its fate?
Do we let them stand alone?


"There is no last taste. The fourth stage of grieving is depression. The Goldfinch is over and you are a wastrel now, you must scavenge out the rest of your days reading about people you don’t care about and can’t believe in. Life is pain, Highness. For this penultimate awful crawl through the five stages I recommend nothing. Just watch TV, I guess.”

—Hannah Messler aka theoppositeofeasy for B&N, How to Get Over The Goldfinch



please imagine all of easy company sitting in a field making flower crowns for each other and having a good time

Leibgott throwing like a dozen flower necklaces all over Webster and Web is just staring at him with that confused, open-mouthed look

And Winters just laying there in the sun and suddenly he opens his eyes and he has a bunch of flowers thrown all over him by Nix who is sitting there with that smug look of his

Cobb having a shit time and making fun of everyone’s crowns until someone gives him one and he shuts up

Lipton struggling to make one and suddenly Speirs pops up and takes Lips hands and helps him make some and they share them

Harry making a bunch and being all like “I’m gonna send these to Kitty! She’s gonna love them!”

Luz singing show-toons loudly as he makes himself a giant crown while Perco makes flower watches and even gives one to O’Keefe

Muck, Malarkey and Penkala trying to make some but after about two minutes that dissolves into them throwing flowers at each other while yelling “flower fight!”

Toye being surprisingly good at making dainty little crowns for such a burly Irish coal miner. Meanwhile Guarnere and Babe sit next to him arguing over whose looks better.

Roe sits nearby just kinda admiring the peacefulness and maybe pressing a few flowers in between the pages of his bible. Out of the blue, Babe tosses a crown at him saying something about how it would look good on him. Eugene just kinda sits there with that little smile on his face and holds it gently in his hands.

Soldiers in the Army’s 31st Division charge into a trench, bayonets fixed, during training exercises at Camp Blanding, Fla., in 1943.

Frauenkirche in Dresden, Germany x


Der vierjährige Kölner Peter N. mit einem einquartierten Soldaten, Mai 1940

w o w (x)


Eugene Roe + That bouncy little walk/run

Reclining Naiad, Antonio Canova (details).