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Eugene Roe + That bouncy little walk/run

Reclining Naiad, Antonio Canova (details).


SDD: Grantaire is a fan-favorite character (and admittedly, he is my favorite) and the extent of his relationship with Enjolras has always been ambiguous. Do you think there was more than friendship between the two of them? How did you approach their relationship during filming?

GB: Well, having read the book, there is obviously a lot of subtextual content about the dynamic between Enjolras and Grantaire….I remember thinking of talking to Aaron about the subject as we started filming, and as I was about to talk to him he was interrupted by someone else, and then suddenly I understood. That was the perfect example of what the dynamic between us should be. And I realised that actually NOT talking to Aaron about it at all was the perfect way to create that subtextual thing between Grantaire and Enjolras. And actually, I didn’t talk to anyone about it. Not even Tom. I just kept it a secret and thought that if people can read into it, great, and if people don’t notice it, that’s also fine because it’s not the main focus of the student plot. I still don’t know to this day if Aaron even knows about the whole E/R relationship, but it doesn’t matter, because I don’t think Enjolras should. [x]

Gifs of All the Times George Blagden Was “Subtle”

gingerwerk asked: hi :D do you still read 'alone together' (i honestly wouldn't blame you if you stopped) but i finally updated so if you still read it, feel free to check it out <3 hope you are having a lovely day


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Josef Hoflehner Photographer: “Emirates”





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